Wednesday, August 4, 2010

On Dreams

All last week my brain moved as if a damn broke and water was rushing to each part of my brain. Dreams...they are big and small yet the sad part is that they tend to be us chasing them because we want money, or something better for ourselves. Yes, these are good, but what if my dreams don't include money? What if my dreams change on a daily basis? And what if my dream, one day, is playing cards with my friend Joyce, and the next day have cocktails on the porch? These dreams don't pay in money, but they offer my soul some peace and not to be cheezy's priceless.

When I asked Jake about what he thought about this he said: "when someone chases their dreams usually the money follows because they are doing what they are meant to do." He's right..all the articles I've read in Outside Magazine are about people fighting the odds. Taking chances, jumping..and there is ALWAYS, always someone who finds out about what they want to do and offer sponsorship. Awesome.

So get out there..struggle a bit and see what happens!

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